Network performance and business performance, what’s the link?

Network performance and business performance, what’s the link

In today’s business world, the impact of technology on business performance is significant. The various technology tools an organisation uses can help streamline operations, and make communication, collaboration and customer service much more effective. 

Underpinning these functions is a well performing network. When your network is set up correctly and optimised to support your business’ goals, it helps facilitate the use of each technology solution within the business, assisting team members to more easily perform key processes dependant on an internet connection. 

It’s important to note that the performance of your network refers to how well your computers, mainframes, peripherals, servers, and other devices connect and talk to each other. Network performance is separate to connectivity and internet speeds, and while your connectivity is important, without an effective network set up you may not be able to maximise the benefits. 

How optimised networks can help improve business performance  

Expands operations   

A well performing network supports the adoption of technology that can help keep you competitive within your market. Businesses can easily roll out things like cloud solutions, augmented reality and the Internet of Things (IoT), and then benefit from their fast implementation. Not to mention, businesses can establish themselves as a market leader with their finger on the pulse of the latest tech developments, which can offer reputational benefits. 

Improves productivity    

In the modern world, the speed of your outputs are increasingly important, which means slow networks can be problematic. With instant collaboration (thanks to the help of an optimal network setup), your team can experience less downtime. Cloud sharing allows for instant data transfers, meaning you may not need to wait for vital information to come through via email before commencing a job. 

Enhances customer service     

Instant communication can also benefit customers. Nowadays, customers expect fast service, and high-quality communication options. However, meeting these are often only possible with a supportive network infrastructure that helps enable better voice and video quality, assisting in presenting a professional front to customers and waste less time on lags. This way, your staff can respond faster, also helping customers to be better integrated into the decision-making process. 

Facilitates remote working      

In remote working environments, multiple devices are often connecting across multiple locations. To help maintain business continuity in this circumstance, your network needs to support effective communication between these devices with little latency. For example, a Unified Communications platform that’s integrated with your existing systems and network can help significantly reduce downtime while allowing your staff to connect and access company data remotely. 

Provides visibility over your resources and supply chain        

IoT needs to be supported by a high-performing network to run, so with the right foundation, your business can experience better visibility of moving business assets. With GPS tracking and monitoring over your supply chain and assets, you can understand exactly what’s happening, and know exactly where everything is. This can help you save on replacement costs, make informed operational decisions, and provide a clearer snapshot of delivery times so you can adjust customer expectations accordingly. 

Grows with you         

A growing business means more network connections, so it’s important to be able to scale up or down as required. You may not need to pay for high bandwidth and data allowances because you’re forecasting more people to be onboard, nor may not need to suffer through slower speeds when staff or location numbers increase rapidly. Your network can grow and adjust with you, helping provide all the benefits of a quality connection without unnecessary spending.  

How to get your network to peak performance  

When it comes to getting the most out of your network performance, a lot of businesses look at bandwidth. While increasing this can assist, solely improving bandwidth means you may miss out on other opportunities to improve your network. There are a number of solutions available that can elevate the functions of your network, and help combat the biggest hurdle – latency. 

Network Device Management solutions

TBTC Sydney West’s Network Device Management can help keep your business systems flowing. We’ll uncover the network configuration that’s right for your business needs – helping to improve your productivity and streamlining collaboration. By staying on top of key updates and handling any incidents or faults in real time, we can help you get the most out of your investments in technology tools through: 

  • minimised disruptions due to proactive network monitoring and alerts
  • freed up resources – we handle day-to-day management which allows your team to get on with other important work
  • monthly reporting on device performance for transparent ROI monitoring.  

Failover solutions 

Implement a failover solution with built-in redundancy to help maintain real-time access to your network. When an outage is detected, the failover solution should automatically switch to an alternative voice or data connection, getting you back up and running quickly. This helps keep your business network performing at its best, and provides you peace of mind knowing your important applications can run almost completely uninterrupted. It also means your team can keep working, helping to maintain continuity of service for customers and reducing downtime costs.   

Track and monitor solutions

This IoT solution uses Telstra Track and Monitor devices with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cat-M1/LTE-M or GPS capabilities to help give you visibility over your moving business assets. Adaptable to different business needs, we can help provide the solution that supports your functions. Whether you need equipment trackers for hired out assets, or small tags for office keys, the user-friendly interface can allow you to view and review your assets all at once on a mobile app, web portal or API interface. 

Ready to step up your business’ performance?

Make the most of your network infrastructure with the team at TBTC Sydney West. We’ll work side by side with you to design a solution that aligns with your business’ needs and helps to get your network performing at its best. Talk to us today, and let’s get solving.

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