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Telstra Data Protect

Let’s back up your important business data.

Do you have a process in place for backing up your business’ important data? If you store data like client contact details or financial records, implementing a data backup plan can help you recover in the event that your data is lost.

Telstra Data Protect is business-grade data backup technology that helps keep your data secure in the cloud. It captures real-time images of your files, so if something does go wrong you can simply roll back to a moment in time.

Choosing the right backup solution for your business.

Every business has different types of files that they rely on, and records that they are required to keep. At TBTC Sydney West, we’ll take the time to understand the types of files you share, the information you store, and any compliance requirements you operate under to help find the solution that’s right for you.

Key features

Real-time back up

Telstra Data Protect continuously captures snapshots of your data, so in the event of a system crash or breach to your network, you can easily go back to a specific moment in time to retrieve data.

Simple and reliable record keeping

Find the data you need when you need it – whether you are required to keep specific records for compliance reasons, or simply want the confidence that your old files are accessible if you need them again.

Data recovery on any compatible device

Recover or migrate backed-up data on or between PCs, Macs, tablets, Linux servers, cloud Microsoft Azure VMs, Microsoft Exchange Servers, SharePoint farms and more.


Combat cyber threats illustration

Help combat cyber threats

Scan incoming and outgoing files in real-time, using integrated artificial intelligence to help identify malicious activity and help prevent an attack before it happens.
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Recover faster from attacks or system failures

With inbuilt data recovery for damage control, restore your backed-up files faster via our intuitive web-based console, reducing the time to contact third parties.
Affordable and encrypted cloud storage illustration

Access affordable and encrypted cloud storage

Back up an unlimited number of devices without the hassle of individual licensing costs. Telstra Data Protect plans are scaled to suit your specific data storage needs.

Getting started

Ready to find a back-up solution for your business-critical data? Our technology advisors are here to help. Let’s get solving.
Things you need to know: To subscribe to the Telstra Data Protect Application and associated cloud storage, you must have a Telstra Application Marketplace account. What’s Not Included: Any connectivity between your devices and the Telstra Data Protect Application, and in relation to the Installation Service; equipment installation or ongoing monitoring or management of the Telstra Data Protect Application. There is no minimum term or early termination charges for this service. This service is offered on a casual month to month basis but you need to give us 30 days notice to cancel your subscription for the Telstra Data Protect Application. Each subscription plan includes a certain amount of data storage. Only administrators can introduce data storage limits for users and devices, which can be on a per user and per device basis. Individual users can control the type of data on their devices that is backed up, however they cannot set data limits.
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